About Some Thingsss

Some Thingsss – Some things made by hand.
除藝術玻璃外,近年Some Thingsss 亦以回收玻璃創作及推出環保玻璃工作坊,希望為回收玻璃開展不同的出路。

Some Thingsss – Some things made by hand.
Founded in 2013, it is a local handmade glass studio in Hong Kong that creates using different glassmaking techniques, integrating glassmaking into life.

In addition to launching products, we also offer glass workshops on different themes, allowing the public to experience the joy of making glass art and to create unique glass pieces with their own hands. In addition to art glass, in recent years Some Thingsss has also created works from recycled glass and launched eco-friendly glass workshops, hoping to open up different possibilities for recycled glass.

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